National Identity and Attitudes towards Race in Jamaica

27 Feb

Jamaica’s apparently peculiar position is usually explained along lines somewhat like this: We are neither Africans though most of us are black. We are neither Anglo Saxon though some of us would have others believe this. We are Jamaican! Are what does this mean? (Nettleford, 1998 p.23)

The Caribbean as an unified region that confers a sense of common citizenship and community is a figment of the imagination. However, Jamaica’s motto state “Out of Many One People”. This motto explains that Jamaica has a combination of several different ethnic group.Your descent don’t determine your citizenship, as a result we are Jamaican! .

Its clear that Jamaican is a non-racial nation and non-racialism country. As evident from the article Mirror Mirror ”Jamaicans are a mixture of  races living together in perfect harmony and as such provide a useful lesson to a world torn apart by race prejudice”. So even though some of us are black this certainly does not consider us to be Africans. however most people do not want to affiliate themselves with term or color “Black”, as many may interpret this to be ugliness, poor, low life etc… . 

One example of racial unity in Jamaica can said to be interrelation couples. Back in the days you find couples to be within the same contrast or color. Arriving in our present time persons seems to start accepting the “Many” in our motto. Therefore you will find interrelation couples, which consist of both male and female from different ethnic group: (Black and White). 



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Nettleford, R. (1998). National identity and attitudes towards race in Jamaica. Kingston: LM4 Publishing Ltd.

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